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Rental reservations


Reserving press time

You must be fairly self-sufficient and knowledgeable on the equipment you want to rent. You must have taken the appropriate Lead Graffiti technical workshop or provide evidence that you've had ample experience (list of workshops and a couple .jpg images of your work). We don't mind providing minimal advice and beginning support to help you understand our specific equipment and studio setup, but if you need too much, we'll ask that you take a workshop, or pay for our time at $25 an hour.

A simple email to Ray is all that is necessary to reserve time. We would like to have a week's notice, and you should always give us at least 3 or 4 days. Tell us the day and time you want to use the studio and equipment. Please be as specific as you can. We will confirm your reservation by email.

We encourage your email questions relating to your personal work that may have an impact on your project such as printing / image limitations, color registration, press size, inks, paper, etc. You can send a .pdf of your file and we can provide some basic information that we think may be relevant to your printing.

You need to reserve press time with plenty of advance planning to make sure you can get enough time to accomplish what you need. It is important to note that projects can take on a life of their own and more often than not take more time than planned by even the most knowledgeable printers or designers.

Keep in mind that Lead Graffiti is a commercial press which has its own work schedule which we will try to adjust when possible to allow for the time you need. We can start as early as 8:00 am, but would like to end by 8:00 pm, weekdays or weekends. While we often offer workshops on the weekends, you can rent a press that is not involved during the same time. During the winter it takes a bit of time to warm up the studio which can get quite cold at night. This can have a negative impact on how well ink works.

You might find it useful to have paper you order sent directly to our studio. Shipping is often less because we are in an industrial park where they are often making other deliveries. Same is true for plates. It is worth a warning that you need to make sure you've allowed or paid for adequate shipping time. Standing at the studio without your paper or plates is a pretty awful feeling.

At least one of us will be present as we can always find something to do in the studio, but please be punctual. Try to reasonably estimate your time. If you reserve for 4 hours and only use it for 3, you will only be required to pay for 3. If you reserve it for 3 hours and use it for 4, you are required to pay for 4.

Minimum equipment rental time is 2 hours (30 minutes for set up, 60 minutes of printing, and 30 minutes of clean-up) and will be billed in half-hour increments after the minimum. No shows will be billed for one hour. Reservations will be held for 30 minutes before being cancelled. Cancellations can be made and acknowledged by phone or email up to 24 hours before the scheduled time without charge. Make sure you have our cell phone numbers and email addresses. Less than 24 hours notice will be billed for one hour minimum. Payment is accepted by cash, check or credit cards using Square at the end of each rental session or by PayPal BEFORE the session. If you pay by PayPal and use less time, we will refund any difference through PayPal or we can apply it to future rental time. You can also pay a sum of money ahead of time which we will charge against.