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Unfortunately, we don't have anything scheduled.

Send us an email or give us a call at (302) 454-1411 to express your interest or schedule for a group.


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Chandler & Price 10 x 15
prerequisite: metal type composition

7 working hours plus lunch
10am - 6pm / $120 per attendee.
(minimum of 3 attendees is required with a maximum of 6)

Most of our work will be done on a motorized C&P platen press, which will generally translate to most floor models. We will also experience treadling a Golding 8 x 12. It is important to note that this workshop does not cover the how-to of metal type compositon which we offer in our Metal Type Composition workshop.

It is also important to warn you that these types of presses offer an increased danger in their use and that danger should be taken seriously. We avoid conversation and do not listen to music with headphones while using them.

Rental of our equipment for future personal projects requires the completion of the technical workshop for the equipment you are interested in using. Click here for more information on our rental policy, prices, etc.

This C&P technical workshop will introduce you to letterpress printing on a typical floor model platen press as well as a smaller treadle-operated platen press. Handling our 10 x 15 motorized C&P oldstyle press generally translates to most other manufacturers' platen floor models, while the Golding 8 x 12 will give you the traditional experience of printing before electricity became common and reliable. Our 10 x 15 C&P is set to print at about 860 impressions per hour.

Generally, while we do most all of our printing at Lead Graffiti on our Vandercooks, we rely on our floor-model platens for scoring, die-cutting, and printing smaller areas like the credit lines on the backs of cards or the return address envelopes, and coasters.

Appreciated for their speed and relative simplicity, these machines often formed the backbone of the 19th-century printshop and are also known as jobbing presses. This workshop is for serious hobbyists or those interested in learning about letterpress printing basics. It's especially good for those who have access to a similar press or who are considering acquiring one.

Completing this workshop gives you rental access to studio time to work on personal projects using our platen presses and associated tools & equipment used in the workshop, as well as access to our considerable collection of wood & metal type. While you must supply your own paper or purchase from our existing stock, a reasonable amount of ink will be supplied at no charge.

All necessary materials will be supplied for the workshop. Wear comfortable shoes and work clothing and dress warmly during winter months.

Topics covered

Typical projects can include

Workshop calendar

Four projects printed on our Chandler & Price 10 x 15.

Histories of Newark coasters

A set of 2-color coasters printed for various social events related to the publishing of our Histories of Newark: 1758-2008.

This is a 32-page book of poetry related to Robin Hood we printed for the International Association of Robin Hood Studies' annual conference. The book was produced in a hard cover (shown here) and a soft cover. Edition: 50 (hardover), 90 (softcover).

This was a 'goody' bag for the American Printing History Association's national conference printed directly from wood and metal type. It was an interesting project because of the varying thicknesses in different areas of the bag and the makeready that required. Edition: 125.

This was a 4" x 6" type specimen card printed on a nicely textured card stock. The color was added by hand to a nice floral dingbat. Edition: 200.