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Unfortunately, we don't have Letterpress workshops scheduled.

Send us an email or give us a call at (302) 454-1411 to express your interest or schedule for a group.


View complete workshop calendar.

Letterpress workshops

Experience printing firsthand with wood and metal type, using the tools and techniques involved with letterpress. Our workshops range from setting type by hand in our metal type composition workshop to printing on various sizes and kinds of hand-operated and motorized presses. We also will show how to utilize the computer to produce photopolymer and metal plates.

Metal type composition

        No prerequisite

workshop metal type

Learn to set metal type the classic way in this type composition workshop. Includes working with leading & furniture, locking type firmly in a chase, type proofing & correcting, makeready & packing, ink mixing, and making prints on a tabletop press. Read more


        No prerequisite

Add to your type composition skills from Metal Type Composition and print items up to 14" x 18" on our Vandercook SP-15 or up to 18" x 24" on our Vandercook Universal III. Includes working with wood & metal type, photopolymer plates, using furniture and quoins, registration, ink mixing, inking and printing. Read more

Chandler & Price platen

        No prerequisite

chandler & price workshop

Learn how to print on our motorized C&P 10 x 15 platen press and our treadled Golding 8 x 12 and work in larger editions. Includes experiences with printing from metal type and photopolymer plates, creasing / folding, diecutting. Includes press safety, locking up the form, inking, press makeready and hand feeding. Read more

Creative letterpress workshops

        No prerequisite

We offer two types of casual, creative letterpress workshop for specific groups of either students or professionals who would like to experience printing via letterpress first hand, but who are not interested in renting our equipment for personal use. One results in a 14-page, 2-color book and the other is printing of individual prints based on the work of H.N. Werkman.Read more

The iron handpress

        No prerequisite

Get in touch with historical printing techniques. Our 1869 Hoe Washington #5 and 1928 Albion iron handpresses have a printing area of up to 25" x 38." Includes press safety, printing of large wood cuts / linoleum block cuts and multi-page book imposition. Read more